Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spice Box Review!

     ****Disclaimer- This is an ADULT monthly subscription box. So young eyes may want to look away. Let's be adults here. (this is not a sponsored post!)

     You can add this to my list of things I never thought I'd be posting about. Ha! Mom, if you're reading this - stop now, please!

     As you can see this is a monthly subscription box of adult items. I was extremely hesitant to order this box. Mostly because I read some very mixed reviews and I'm very particular about the quality of products I use on my body. I paid $14.95 for my first box by using a code I found online by searching 'spice box discount code' on google!

     So this is the box. I was happy to see that it came in a white poly-mailer type envelope so that no one would ever know what was in the actual box. I appreciate the discrete shipping!

     No complaints on the packaging. Everything was intact and all products were accounted for. The card on top lists all of your products and goes into detail about the 'main' item of the box which is in in the pink velvet sachet.

     The box contains three items. First, a 'vibrating oral kiss buzz.' It looks like a normal lip gloss. It smells great, like chocolate! The packaging doesn't look cheap or sleazy. Retail value is $14.95 So that itself nearly pays for the box! Win!
    The next item I received is a very beautifully packaged bottle of 'shimmer massage oil.' The scent is 'wild strawberry and honey.' It smells divine! The bottle is very luxe. The bottle is packaged with care and upon reading the label...Y'all, it's paraben free, vegan, and cruelty free!!! What?! This one sold me. I was NOT expecting such a high quality product. This oil retails for $20.
    And lastly the 'highlight' or main item in the box is called 'The Heart Vibe.' It's a small silicone vibrator that is phthalate-free and made of body safe PVC. You can see it pictured on the info card. I'm pleasently surprised with this item due to the fact that the card clearly states 'batteries not included' but it definitely came with batteries! Yay! I'm unable to find a retail value for this exact model but similar items are going between $18 and $32.

     All in all, I'd definitely recommend this subscription box to anyone who was looking to 'spice' things up (see what I did there? haha). I think I will re-subscribe to this box. I was happy with the customer service I received. I actually canceled my subscription so that I could see how easy (or not easy) this would be. To my surprise, it was simple and the representative, Nicole, was very nice. 

The oil smells divine! 

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

A 9 Month Old's Favorites

     Now that our little moose is a whopping 9 months old I thought we'd share his favorite things! I
tend to find myself curious of what other babies his age are up to.

Toys: Wooden puzzle pieces. Especially the Melissa and Doug kind that have knobs. He loves beating those against everything. And oddly enough he's obsessed with the dog's ball. The 'chuck it' kind. I think he enjoys them so much because he has the dogs full attention when he's playing with it.

Food: Pears, salmon, and coconut oil toast. He seems to be a fairly good eater. We do a hybrid BLW and (organic) baby food.

Passtime: He loves being outside with us. Especially while Joey is firing up the bbq pit!

Activity: Swinging! He loves to swing! He's extremely content in the little bucket swings at parks. He loves being able to look all around. Watching his little face light up when he feels a breeze is my favorite sight!

Words: Mama, Daa-DEEE. He's trying hard to say Gumbo which sounds more like 'guam.'

Signs: Milk. He can sign milk like nobodies business! He does have other little cues that we understand for instance his 'no more' cue and his 'stop it/I'm getting mad' cue.

Naughty things: Well this will be a big category! Haha! He really loves using his walker to get into EVERYTHING. Y'all. Its so bad. He's opened the oven, throws his toys in the dogs water bowls, steals things from the coffee table, and his favorite thing....playing with the trash bag, Yes, my child is a mess.

Dislikes: He's not a fan of strawberries or oranges. I think the flavors are a bit to bold for him. Eggs make him extremely gassy so we usually avoid those. He no longer likes putting on new diapers or getting dressed.

Random tidbits: He loves his Radius baby toothbrush. His favorite thing to wear are t-shirts and a diaper. He really enjoys chewing on the silicone part of Camel Back water bottles. And he has two teeth!
     Watching our boy grow and seeing his personality blossom is the greatest joy I've ever known. So what's your baby up to these days?
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday

     It's been a while since I've done a #fiveonfriday But it's been a fun week so let's do it!

We started Dave Ramsey's 'Financial Peace University' Military Edition. We have a class every Thursday where we watch a video and have group discussions about the topic. The first class was fun. I'm excited to see how we're able to accomplish his seven step program. Are you a Dave Ramsey fan? If you've never heard of him I highly recommend checking him out!
This is such a weird one but Joey cut up the most amazing cantaloupe. Y'all. It was the most juicy and sweet cantaloupe I've ever had. Just thinking about it is making me want more.
 I scored this small trunk of oil paint. Free. It's got about 50 colors in it! Joey and I put them to use and each painted a canvas. Joey's is awesome, of course. Mine...Not so much. Joey is the artist in the house. I'm the creative. I can already tell Quinn will be taking after his daddy.
Quinn got an eye infection. Not really a high point but it's all better now, so that's awesome! Treated it with breast-milk :)
We've had two days of beautiful weather. Lately we've been getting pounded with rain. But yesterday and today have been so gorgeous. We're walking to a friends house as soon as the Moose wakes up from his nap.

How's your Friday?
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Current Favorites

   Now that Joey and I have both deleted Facebook we've got free time...Like a lot of it. So we've both gotten into some new/interesting things lately and we'd like to share them with y'all.

 Bible journaling. It's awesome. It's fun. It's become my favorite hobby. Illustrated Faith is my favorite Instagram account to follow. Their feed is gorgeous and chock full of inspiration. 
Tomahawk throwing. Nope, I'm not kidding. This is what Joey has been doing on the weekends. When I got an email from Amazon that a 'tomahawk will be delivered on Wednesday' I knew Joey was scheming. Anyway, it's surprisingly fun! When it's nice out, you can find Joey outside hurling that thing across the yard. 
BBQ'ing! Almost every weekend we're outside soaking up the sun together. Quinn adores the outdoors so he hangs out on a picnic blanket and munches on grass! 
Youtube. We really enjoy watching podcasts together. Especially shows that make us think 'outside the box' or challenge us to think from other perspectives. I also indulge in 'beauty guru' channels.

     It's interesting to see how much time we actually spent on Facebook now that we're having to actually think of things to occupy our time. Neither of us miss our accounts. Don't get me wrong, I do miss seeing family photos but other than that...Nothing. It's refreshing. I think everyone should challenge themselves to take a 48 hour Facebook detox. Share your favorite pass time below! I'm interested in other ideas. And if you take part in the 48 hour Facebook detox, let me know how it goes!
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